Some Tidbits


Hello there!

        We’re a couple of freelance writers who just happen to enjoy video games. Between the two of us, there is over ten years of writing experience! But really, that shouldn’t mean anything. We enjoy talking and writing about philosophical themes and ideas and highly respect any gaming company that treats their products like novels. We personally believe there is an art to telling a story and certain aspects should be addressed in order to fully understand what’s going on inside your console or PC. The Metal Gear Solid series is a particular favourite of ours since there’s so much to analyze and talk about!

        We especially enjoy feedback! Our first and relatively popular article Critical Analysis of Metal Gear Solid V: The Boldfaced Lie, has received a surprising amount! The goal is to simply get the ideas out there and have people critically discuss what we have. As we’ve stated in the article, the desire is not to force some agenda, rather, just have people think in a different perspective and perhaps come to a more satisfying conclusion based on the evidence we’ve provided.

        For those who have given us both praise and criticism, we truly thank you! It always makes our day to see people giving us feedback and, of course, enjoying our writing. The only thing that we ask in return is to spread the word and have people talk about it! We’re very curious to see if anyone else has gotten the same results we have. But that’s entirely up to you.

        In the future, we do have some projects that we want to fulfill. We understand that our first article isn’t perfect and we neglected to fully explain some elements. This is especially apparent in the first two Metal Gear games. So we’re working on completing those games and we’re planning on writing a separate article that would tie in with the themes of the Metal Gear series (because really, it’s all there!). At the end of all this, the biggest project we have planned, is making a video based off of all the information we’ve complied*. Man that’s gonna be a task!

        So thank you again for your feedback and we REALLY thank those who have been linking our article on various forums around the web! Thank you!

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for over 10,000 views! We were stunned to discover the sudden spike in hits! It was a nice surprise for V, due to is happening on their birthday! So Thank you again!

        The Metal Gear community has done a fantastic job in discovering new material through data mining the files. There has been new evidence about the relationship about The Boss and Venom Snake. You’ve all done a wonderful job! Your persistence is awesome!

        *With this in mind, we want to wait until more information comes out for the video. We’ve been preoccupied with other matters as well. There are other projects we’re brainstorming for future articles, as well as development for the blog. We’re planning on doing a video but with new, fast development, we’re going to have to see what happens. Thank you for your patience!



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